2018 Annual Ataxia Conference Registration Open

Posted on October 30, 2017

Meet the Experts and Learn What’s New with Ataxia

Thursday, April 5th – Friday, April 6th with an Ataxia Investigator’s Meeting Poster Session on Wednesday, April 4th at 5pm.

Philadelphia, hailed as the birthplace of freedom, is the perfect locale to host the 61st Annual Ataxia Conference (AAC). NAF and the Northeast Region are pulling out all the stops with this year’s theme, “Fighting for Freedom.” Never have we been closer to major breakthroughs in the quest for a cure; with the first SCA drug in Phase 2/3 of clinical trial, and others in the pipeline. For that reason, its the perfect time to ramp up the fight for freedom from this rare disease and its symptoms. We hope to see you at the largest Ataxia gathering in the world – NAF’s Annual Ataxia Conference!

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2 thoughts on “2018 Annual Ataxia Conference Registration Open

  1. Great to have acquaintance with NAF. I have a baby of one yaer and two months who has ataxia or atrophie symptoms
    which I do not know what is the cause for?

    What you can help me for treatment and diagnostic?

    My best regards

    Said Ahmed Eleyeh

    1. Hi Said Ahmed Eleyeh! Email us at naf@ataxia.org. We can provide information about Ataxia and some common treatment approaches. Most treatment plans help treat symptoms caused by Ataxia, such as physical therapy or speech therapy.

      Thanks for commenting! We look forward to hearing from you!

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