We're excited to announce the 2019 Summer Match Challenge!

Last year’s Summer Match Challenge was an overwhelming success! Over $121,000 was raised and those contributions helped foster our Support Groups, educate people about Ataxia, and fund over $1.1 million of the very best Ataxia research. The Michael and Patricia Clementz-Peterson Family Fund, along with their sons Steve and Eric Peterson, have again agreed to match all funds contributed to NAF, up to $100,000, during the Summer Match Challenge. That means more support for persons affected by Ataxia, more education, and more research!
We're up to the challenge - are you?

How Can I Participate?

• We encourage you to create your own fundraising page on Facebook. Simply follow this link to create a page:
Facebook Fundraisers

• Contribute to the Summer Match Challenge and your gift will be doubled. Your donation will go to fulfilling NAF's mission to improve the lives of persons affected by Ataxia.

• Spread the word about the Summer Match Challenge by forwarding the emails you receive, sharing our social media posts, and telling your family/friends/coworkers.

Thank You!

$100,000 GOAL

Your Donation doubled by
the michael and patricia clementz family fund

$76,760 of $100,000 Raised

all proceeds BENEFIT the national ataxia foundation

About NAF


For discoveries that lead to greater understanding of this rare neurological disease, NAF is there, providing support and funding to the worlds greatest Ataxia scientists. We collaborate with top researchers to look for better treatment options and a cure.


NAF understands that living with a rare disease can be hard. We coordinate support groups across the country to help people with Ataxia connect and support one another. We also maintain the only comprehensive list of Ataxia clinics and neurologists in the country.


The first step towards a cure is awareness about the disease. NAF works to educate the general public and the medical community about Ataxia. Using various outreach tactics, NAF continues to provide the latest in Ataxia education.

Contact Us

Need help? Contact Jon Wegman, Development Associate, at jon@ataxia.org or 763-553-0020.

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